Friday, January 10, 2014

Mileage and My Rules

After yesterday's post, I wanted to show how I wore the butterfly top in the summer. This is a pic of me a couple of summers ago - oh how I wish I were there right now! I wanted to explain how to get the most "mileage" out of your closet. Maybe I am not telling you anything you didn't already know, so bear with me.

Thinking about wearing a butterfly print in the middle of Winter may not make sense to most people. But since this top has dark grey tones to it, I think you can pull it off when using it as a layering piece like I did. Of course, this would not work with a bright tropical print, but take a look through your clothes and see what kinds of sleeveless or short sleeve tops you can use all year long just by adding a sweater of jacket over them. Same goes for sleeveless or strapless dresses. Pop a cardigan over it, put on some tights, and you can wear year round! There are some even more daring as to wear tights under their shorts. That is not me, but then again I don't wear/like shorts anyway..... or maybe I just haven't found the right pair.

Besides these ideas, here is a proportion rule I use. I don't follow many fashion rules, but you'll notice that both times I wore this billowy trapeze top, I wore skinny jeans on the bottom. So the rule goes:

Over sized top = fitted bottom

and vice versa

Over sized bottom (like the wide leg pants I love so much) = fitted top

Another trick I like for shapeless tops or dresses is adding a belt =  instant silhouette

Thoughts? What are some of your favorite fashion formulas that you follow, or work for your body type?

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I love that top in the summer, too. How cute is your son? So adorable! I do not like shorts either. At all. I think they are so unflattering. I agree with you on all of your tips and they are such a good remnder to really look at your closet and visualize it differently. I appreciate the reminder. Because I get stuck in a rut and forget.