Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Forensic Fashion

I'm back with some Internet searching tips (a.k.a. letting you in to just how weird persistent I am)! Today it's all about this sweater jacket I wore a little more than a year ago for a photo shoot I had done (to promote my jewelry and blog).
I recently shared some eBay searching tips, but that was an example of when I knew what I was searching for. Here is an example of a time when I didn't have specifics to a piece I was looking for. I had seen this on a model in an advertising booklet for a touristy town. There were no credits on the photo. I was drawn to it's peacock teal color, and the mix of materials (velvet, boucle, faux fur, faux leather). So when I hit up eBay, you can probably guess what I started searching under.
Terms like "velvet sweater jacket" or "faux fur sweater". Of course, you could also start narrowing the results down with eBay's own categories (color, size, etc...). As you work, you will start to get a feel for altering your key words. And, once you find what you are looking for, you will most likely be able to find the brand name and/or style so that you can look at all your options. For instance, this is by Boston Proper so once I knew that, I searched all of Boston Proper's sweaters/jackets so that I could ensure finding the best deal (since this was sold out on their website). Oh, and don't forget to search the "Completed Items" so you can see how much the item is selling for and you might find some unsold listings where you can contact the seller to see if they will relist it.
Besides eBay, I now also search sites like Pinterest, and Polyvore, where you will most likely be taken to the link of the site where the product picture was taken from. There is another site, which I have not used yet, called The Hunt where you can post a picture of what you are looking for and people can respond with the info. I am not going to lie - searching for unique items and deals takes some time and you learn a lot as you go. But, I feel like it is a hobby for me - like the thrill of the hunt is as exciting as the item itself!
How about you? Do you use any of these sites? What are your best tips for locating what you want to buy?

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I love that jacket. And the photo is so beautiful. I really like the peacock colors in it.

I love your tips. You definitely have more skills than me at sewing and reinventing pieces, so you have that edge when looking for something. You are so lucky!

I am so lazy about searching. I am not very persistent. Right now the only thing I am searching for is the Harlequin Patchwork Sweater in a small. But there are only ever xs. I get frustrated and quit looking. I need tombe better about it lke you. But I figure eventually one might turn up for a decent price.

Thanks for the tips! I always head to eBay after them to check with your advice.