Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Exchanging Talents

A wonderful thing about spending 6 years on the Board at The Art Center of Battle Creek, is that I have made many artist friends who are so special! One such person is Dena Phaff Haas who owns Phaff Portrait Studio. We connected last Fall when she saw one of my posts where I said how frustrating it is sometimes to get good photographs for my blog when the weather, lighting, etc... play such an important factor. She was kind enough to offer me a session to "play" around with different techniques, as she had an intern under her wing. What a fun time we had!
I am sharing this first group of photos, and will share another group in another post. I am just in awe of these! I absolutely love how they turned out! I am so glad to now have professional pictures for when I have to send in bios for publications and such.

 I wanted to thank Dena for her time and efforts, so I made a necklace for her. She loves the beach. And fairies. It was so fun to combine both into a necklace. The focal is from Green Girl Studios, and the necklace is composed of a variety of shells, pearls and stones that look like beach glass. I am so glad she loves it!
Check out Dena's website, and like Phaff Studio on Facebook! You won't regret it!

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You are drop.dead.gorgeous! It has been 5 years since my pro photo shoot. I don't look like that (or that young) anymore. I should do it again. Thanks for sharing your beautiful self! Enjoy the day! Erin