Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zoo pants

We went to the zoo last weekend, and I had the perfect pair of pants for the day! You might remember my love of "pajama" pants from last summer in this post. It seems that wide leg / palazzo / pajama like pants are here to stay, as I've still seen them at many retailers.
Now I'm not talking about throwing on your flannels and drudging off to the store. This look is only successful is you dress it up! It's best if the pants are fitted around your waist and hip area, and then flare out from there - you don't want them baggy in this area. I recommend a fitted top so that again, it doesn't look too sloppy. Lastly, nice sandals. Not flip flops and preferably not a flat. I like wedges the best.
These Flora & Fauna Loungers from Anthropologie stole my heart because not only do they have peacocks on them, but also camels (and other cute animals). I'm not much of a shorts person, so wearing pants like these are a great alternative to a skirt or dress on a hot day because they keep your legs from sticking together. They are light and airy!
Also wearing:
Apt. 9 Top : Kohl's
Party Animal Necklace (Giraffe) : Anthropologie
Ohhh, and waiting for sales on these and these at Anthropologie. The bigger and bolder, the better!

I think this was the first time that I was able to capture the white peacock with his feathers out!
My two loves!

They even walk the same!

Of course, the other peacocks were ready to show off too!