Friday, August 31, 2012

These are NOT pajama pants!

Much to my husband’s disagreement, these are not pajama pants. Sure, they have an elastic waistband. And yes, they are loose and comfy. Crazy print? Check.

I will admit though that they feel like pajamas – they are great! But believe me – I wouldn’t be caught dead in public with my pajama pants on. I don’t know what changed in society to make people think it is okay to go out in your pajamas!?!?!?! It makes me shake my head in disgust every time I see it.

These are Palazzo pants and I’ve been seeing them around a lot lately. I got this particular pair at Kohl’s, however they are not on their website any longer. But you might be able to still snag a pair at your local store. As soon as I saw these I was intrigued. I loved the jewel colored design which reminded me of peacock feathers. That leaves a lot of options for a top and accessory pairing. Because the pants are so full, I recommend a form fitting top to balance everything out. The black sweater and belted jeweled purple blouse I’ve shown here are also all from Kohl’s but from previous years. I would also recommend a heeled or wedge shoe instead of flats. I’m wearing my favorite black wedges.

I make sure I tell Jon every time I get a compliment on these. We tease each other in these ways…….

I love these so much, I wouldn’t mind adding these from Anthropologie once they hit sale! And the best part? They are super friendly for Mom duties, such as:

the zoo.......

 an outdoor concert......
 ...... and a first haircut.

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I like your not pajama pants, and I agree with you, wth are people thinking wearing their jammies to the grocery store? I just saw this a few weeks ago. Thank God she wore a bra...