Thursday, August 23, 2012

Balloons up in here!

Much like Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, we here in Battle Creek have “Balloon Week”. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the World Hot Air Balloon Championship! Every morning and evening (between 7-9 in both instances) the balloons launch across the city. I know there are all kinds of technicalities they try to achieve, but instead of learning all of that I just enjoy watching them glide across the sky ever so gracefully. After living here for 10 years, it never gets old. It makes me stop whatever I am doing – even driving – to just sit and watch them.

Hot air balloons have been popping up a lot in fashion too, which has been fun for me now that I have grown this connection to them. It’s perfect for a gal like me too, who loves whimsical prints. Over the next few days, I thought I’d show what I’ve been wearing in support of these beauties and on the last post I plan to giveaway a hot air balloon necklace I made!

Dress – Elevenses (Anthropologie brand) found on eBay for a steal

Necklace – popular statement design (as seen at Anthropologie, J. Crew, ect…) found at TJ Maxx for $12.99!!! Where else can you get a visual impact like that for so cheap?

Heels – to pull out the pink balloons on the dress (from Bakers many years ago)

I’ll also post any pics I can grab during the festivities, such as the ones I took this morning……. The balloons finally made it to my side of town (the North side) so I snapped these after dropping Richard off at daycare. I don’t have the type of camera that best captures their magnificence, but that still doesn’t stop me from taking them! I counted 75….. 75 balloons!!! Love it!

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Heather, you are so fortunate to have those beautiful balloons in your neck of the woods! I have always been fascinated by them, even though I must confess to being terrified of heights!