Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birds were singing.... before the storm.

I made this necklace last week, so it's the last piece I created before the destruction of my studio. I had just gotten the gorgeous porcelain peacock tails piece in the mail from Nancy at Round Rabbit Extras. I had been hanging onto the pretty polymer clay peacock pendant from Heather at Humblebeads for a while now, waiting for the right design to come about. The background of the peacock has some writing on it, so I thought it would be cool to pair it with a component from the Vintage Grove line at Michael's. It reads:

It's the kind of day that makes birds sing.......

Overall, I love jewelry elements that have words, text, phrases, meanings, etc.... Layering all of these lovelies together made sense, and I secured them with a hand dyed silk ribbon. The chain is sections from the Vintage Grove line separated with cobalt blue pearls.
I wore the necklace today with this outfit:

Edme & Esytlle "Peacocks A Plenty" skirt - from Anthropologie (seen before here)
Blue top - older from Macy's
Jean Jacket - Gap, thrifted
Sandals - Naturalizer "Halo", very very old

Notice the absence of ugly dark roots? That's thanks to my gal Kelli at Elwell Salon. Don't you just love that period of time right after you get your hair done and you have a "good hair day" everyday?
We've been working with the insurance company and contractors the last couple of days now, and are just waiting to hear what the next step is. Hopefully, my studio will be up and running again soon!

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I love it. The layers, the color, the words that are so perfect (you know what I think about words in jewelry!). This is so very YOU in every way. That outfit is so perfect too! Hope your studio gets back soon because you need to create! Enjoy the day. Erin