Friday, January 16, 2009

Wearable Art Event

I am looking forward to this event at the Art Center tomorrow evening. I am going to be one of six "artists in motion" - meaning I will be demonstrating a jewelry technique. For simplicity sake, I think I am going to show how to make my layering necklaces since I have had them for sale there. Easy steps of wire wrapping and cutting chain.

As for the "art" I am going to wear, I have a Klimt Kiss Bead from Humblebeads that I have to turn into a necklace. I have many other ideas floating in my head of art inspired pieces to bring for display as well. Finally, I am donating a necklace for a drawing. It started with a Mona Lisa pendant and after watching The DaVinci Code last week and digging around my supplies, it has many elements from the story in it. I will post pics of these pieces once I get them done!

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I can't wait to see them! Hope you finish them soon!