Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Gentlemen's League

Okay, follow the family tree here..... Seth Stevens is my aunt's brother-in-law. Eighteen years ago, we were paired up together as part of the wedding party - that is, my aunt's wedding.

He is now a well known designer in New York and this is his company (The Gentlemen's League) with another artist, Adam Razak. They create one of a kind, personalized handbags. The extended family (meaning, myself) was alerted to this when an article ran in the December issue of Vogue about them! From what I understand, you meet with them to discuss your bag and then it is made to your specifications. Even though I'd never be able to afford one, I know what I'd get on mine - a peacock!!!

Wow, I am going to have to pull out my older scrapbooks and look at the high school photo Seth sent me when we corresponded after the wedding. I guess you could say we had a very minor fling (don't get grossed out - remember there is no blood relation here).

Check out their website here. And Seth, if you by chance ever read this, do you remember me? Do you remember our innocent kiss? Do you remember holding hands at the St. Rita festival? Ahhh, such silly young memories........

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