Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tiered Dress

 Okay, I fell off the "getting dressed" bandwagon for a bit there, but today I got out of my leggings to photograph this outfit. Here's the story on these pieces:
 Within the last year or two, Anthropologie comes out with "tiered" dresses. They are solid color knits, either midi or maxi length, and by either their own brand or Sundry or COA. The problem is the price range is $98 - $128 which I don't feel justifies a dress like this. Even though it's a great basic that will get a lot of wear, it's still not worth it to me. I will admit, I did order (on sale promo) a pink Sundry one and a yellow Anthropologie one but ended up returning both.
 When I was in Chicago a few weeks ago, I found this grey midi one at TJ Maxx for $19.99!!! Grey was definitely a color I had been wanting. It fits great and is comfy. It's sleeveless, so great for layering. And at that price, that's an example of picking up 2 of them because materials like this get pilly and worn quicker than others. I will probably kick myself for not buying 2, but I found a red tiered maxi at Marshalls there too that I will soon post.
 This look here would be how I would wear it in Spring or Fall. Jacket, bare legs, booties. For Winter I would do tights. For Summer I would wear it sleeveless with a long necklace and sandals.
This tapestry jacket I got at our local thrift shop a few months ago. It reminded me of something I would see at Free People, and it is made up of different designs. So I guess you could say it's both tapestry AND patchwork. The black background has faded to grey, so perfect with this dress! I believe it was about $8. I love supporting our local thrift shop because they give back so much to our community. For instance, this past Saturday all proceeds would have gone back to our Scout Den (we were going to work an hour shift) but of course that was cancelled.
Dress : TJ Maxx
Jacket : Thrifted
Booties & Sunglasses : Target

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