Thursday, July 28, 2016

Green Flow and Pokemon Go

I usually don't stray too much from my "tried and true" photo locations. I am always looking for quiet, out of the way places, with good lighting. But for the black based outfit, I did explore downtown Jackson a bit and was surprised at how many people were wandering around playing Pok√©mon Go. I didn't feel as weird taking pictures of myself, since everyone else was walking around looking at their phones!
Let's get to talking about this top here though..... It's no secret that I love flowy tops! I did a whole post about white ones here. Some of the ones I posted came in other colors (this one included), so when Anthro had it's Summer Tag Sale, I scooped a few up. It used to be, that Anthro's promotions were far and few between. Their bi-annual Tag Sales, when they took an extra % off already marked down prices, were the big ones. But now, it seems they run so many more sales which is so nice! It seems there is a different one weekly, whether it be free shipping or a percentage off full price items. They must have felt the pressure to keep up with other retailers.
I wore this green beauty two ways here, with so many similarities..... same sunglasses (TJ Maxx), same necklace (handmade by me, I'll show it soon), same style of sandals, tank underneath (nude and black), jeggings (just different colors). Here are the dets:
Mossimo High Rise Blue Jeggings : Target
High Rise Black Jeggings : American Eagle
Mossimo Brown/Green Sandals : Target
Rampage Black Sandals : Meijer

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