Friday, July 15, 2016

Spotlight On : Indian Designers

While I love finding similar Anthro items at other stores, one of the reasons I love shopping at Anthropologie is the uniqueness. There are some things that Anthro carries that you just are not going to find anywhere else. Case in point, they carry quite a few Indian designers that I absolutely love and would not know about if they did not stock them. In fact, as far as I know Anthropologie is the only place in the US to buy these designers. Trust me, you know I have looked. It's typical supply and demand though..... the pieces are quite expensive but surprisingly sell out fast because people know it is the only place to get them. Luckily, I have been able to get all of my collection during sales and ONLY because an item has popped back up on line or I find a return in a store.

I have been infatuated in India and it's culture for quite some time..... I would love to travel there one day. But in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to do a round up of these designs. The descriptions about each designer, in italics, I found online. I have to say that each garment is so well made and the colors/attention to detail are amazing! Thank you Anthropologie for seeking out these talented individuals and as long as you support them, I will too!

Pankaj & Nidhi
Pankaj & Nidhi launched their label in 2006. Celebrated for their "fresh & crisp sensibility", this talented couple pushes the envelope when it comes to creativity and innovation. Their designs are truly eclectic, with a generous use of colors, inspired by craftsmanship, symbolic and cultural objects from all over the world. Pankaj & Nidhi invent a contemporary language, create clothes that tell stories, for women who prize authenticity and seek sparkling originality.

I am drawn to the whimsical prints they use....... rhinestone brooches printed on the fabric....... vases with flowers...... Here I am wearing the Pearled Flutter Kimono and Jardiniere Pleated Skirt.
Preeti S. Kapoor
A celebrated designer from India's couture capital New Delhi, Preeti S. Kapoor label launched in 2002 gives tradition a new look, color a new definition and craft a new bastion. Her creations are lovingly crafted with an utmost attention to detail, a Zen for impeccable finish and an understanding of rich textiles.
An established designer who dips into the heritage trunk, Preeti re-invents tradition in a nouveau style. The silhouettes are layered, the colors crossing into one another seamlessly. Old and exquisite weaves are artistically blended into the garment allowing color, fabric and form to compliment one another.

Here I am wearing the Lantern Line Swing Dress
Tanvi Kedia
Tanvi Kedia launched her own label in 2007, most recently designing under the theme of montage, creating dense compositions of disparate elements that look beautifully cohesive in the end - a technique she calls "hippie deluxe."
Tanvi Kedia a graduate of NIFT, New Delhi 2004, launched her own label TANVI KEDIA in August 2007. Before the launch of her label she worked with designer Tarun Tahiliani for two years. In August 2007 on the invitation of Ogaan, Tanvi Keedia entered the entrepreneurial fashion industry. Detail oriented, with color, craft and texture as her forte, she experiments with different Indian embroideries and vintage textiles creating a global look with a timeless classical appeal in its silhouettes and palettes. In addition to her own label Tanvi has also been designing costumes for films.

Here I am wearing the Patchworked Chevron Midi Dress

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