Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Whole New World

I have been having so much fun exploring the new area in which I live. If I drive 20 minutes either East or West, there is so much to offer. To the West is Jackson, which I would compare very much to Battle Creek where we came from. You can hit up a good variety of stores and restaurants. But the the East..... oh to the East, there is a bounty!

Ann Arbor comes first, and then all of the suburbs of Detroit. I have only gone as far as Ann Arbor so far, and everything has been really easy to get to. The traffic can get bad, but I've always been over there at off times. It seems every exit you get off of has something good. Not to mention, several locations of chain stores. For instance, if you're at Target and they are out of something you want, chances are there is another Target about 5 minutes away. This is what I am used to, having grown up in between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Chain stores aside, what I really want to talk about today is getting excited about getting to know the independent places that become your favorites. Lately I've been seeking out (or happening upon by accident) little coffee shops, thrift stores, and consignment shops. 
 I was so happy to find Shabby Chic Consignments in Chelsea the other day, which is where I got these awesome lace up boots! I was such a "regular" at the consignment shop in Battle Creek - whether buying or selling - and I know I've posted the pieces I've gotten there a lot. So you will probably hear lots about this new place now! I spotted these boots when I first walked in and they reminded me of something you'd see at Anthropologie like these and these. Getting up into the $300-$400 range, eek! The label inside my find is Apt 9 which is a Kohl's brand. They looked like they had never been worn! I am thrilled with them, and am finding that I truly love unique details on my boots whether it be buckles, buttons, and now laces. They were $28.
 My sweater is from Meijer (yes, back to the local grocery chain store). The odd color combination drew me in, and I feel like I've been really into colorful sweaters with lots of texture. Can I just say that Meijer has been so surprising with clothing and accessories within the past year? I've made multiple purchases (top here, sandals here, top here, top here and sandals here) where in the past I never had. I have yet to show a couple of layering tanks I've gotten there as well with lace trim at the bottom.

 Other tidbits? Now that the holidays are over, I am in the process of redoing the mantle for our "everyday look". I'll show it when it's all done. Oddly enough, my outfit matched it perfectly (there is a large painting that has a story behind it that you can only see the bottom of). Isn't it weird how you unconsciously tend to buy things in similar colors during certain time periods? 

 Sweater - Meijer
Levi's Jeggings - Macy's
Apt 9 Boots - Shabby Chic Consignment
Necklace - made by me
Basics - white tank and brown boot socks

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No way! I don't know what I am most shocked at. Your amazing post baby body or the deal on your boots! You look fabulous! I love your sweater. And those boots are amazing. I love the laceup detail. They remind me of the Free People Joe Boots. I am in the process of redoing the house a bit, too. Mostly just rehanging things to make room for more art and that wheel. So glad you are posting again!