Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday / Sunday

Happy Weekend!
 The Tasseled Maxi Dress by Saturday/Sunday implies just that. It's is Anthropologie's line of lounge wear that is nice enough to wear out running errands if you so desire. This dress is made up of a thermal type grey material, but to add interest it has a gauzy like checked panel, higher sides, and a garland of tassels. It has pockets and a drawstring waist. It is seriously comfortable, and perfect for after baby. But really, perfect for anything in my opinion.
 For extra warmth, I have some black leggings under it and a cream scarf. I stayed boring and stuck with my trusty grey boots. 
 This is our fireplace downstairs. Yes, I am spoiled..... a fireplace was on my wishlist when home shopping and I was lucky enough to get 2 in this house! 
Hope you are staying warm and having a great weekend!

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I love how you styled it! I have only tried mine on. I have not worn it yet. Hopefully next week! I want to pair it with my fringed cream vest as a homage to the model shot. But I might leave it plain. I'll see where the mood takes me. The dress looks brilliant on you and it makes me more excited to wear it! We got a great sales price. : ).

I am in my pajamas today and you just had a baby and look so gorgeous and together. You are inspiring!