Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chicago vs. Detroit : Peacock Edition

A few years ago, I received this bedazzled cell phone case for Christmas. I know my Mom got it for under $20. This tidbit will work into the story later.
In mid-January, we met in Chicago and stayed overnight at The Palmer House (the peacock hotel). My sweet boy has become a fan as well, and it warms my heart. We took the train instead of driving (he LOVES trains) and he knows how Mama loves peacocks. We could see the L-Train from our room window this time, which he loved to watch, and he also loves swimming in the pool. The Disney Store is just across the street (as well as Anthropologie). It's a win/win for all!
Anyway, in the lower level of the hotel (under the lobby) there are a few stores - a gift shop, 
Merz Apothecary (check out the history on that one - so awesome) and a Starbucks. There was a new store this time - a boutique that offered jewelry and handbags. Beckoning from the window were some peacock necklaces (naturally, a great thing to sell with the theme of the hotel). They looked just like the peacock from my cell phone case in several different color schemes. Curious, we went inside to check them out. The price? $490.00....... I hope we were able to hide our surprised faces. Now, being that I have made/sold jewelry I certainly do not want to discount the value of making something and charging an appropriate price. But these are mass produced rhinestone pieces, no where near that price in my opinion. Of course, I also know the value of Swarovski crystals versus something of inferior quality, but still, I just did not get this other than it is a big city and people would think nothing of spending that much on something.
I made a mental note in my head to try to locate these peacocks online. But I didn't have to.... they came to me in the weird shopping karma that I have. The following week I saw a store in Detroit post a picture about some of their new jewelry on Facebook. The store? The Peacock Room. Yeah, yeah, I know. I have GOT to get there some day. There is a lot of great history around it. Anyway, these peacocks were included in the picture. I called to inquire about them and the nicest lady (perhaps the owner) told me they were actually pins with a bail along the top of the back so that you could use them as a necklace. Great! Two uses! How much? $35.00. Yep. Done. Sold. I bought two - one for me and one for my Mom. The Peacock Room ships so they came right to my door. I created the chains for them myself. Oh, and the card shown above is what came in the package with them with a nice note.
So there you have it - the same item in two different big cities. I was so happy to support a "local" business in my home state. I am actually returning to The Palmer House next weekend, and will probably take a look at those peacocks again to see if I can spot a difference, with the one I bought carefully tucked inside my coat, so that I can smile inside about my "deal".

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