Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Not just any brownie....

Last weekend, I was at The Palmer House in Chicago. Every time I go, it seems I learn another piece of history about this great hotel. Did you know the brownie was invented there?

"This dessert was created in the kitchen of the Palmer House Hotel during
the 1893 Columbian Exposition when Mrs. Bertha Palmer requested the chef
make a "ladies dessert" that would be easier to eat than a piece of pie,
and a smaller serving than a slice of layer cake, which could be used in
box lunches at the Women's Building at the Fair. The first reference to
this dessert as a "Brownie" is in a Sears Roebuck catalog published in
Chicago in 1898. This recipe is still served today at the Palmer House
Hilton on State Street and is one of their most popular confections."

We had the chance to take a class in the kitchen on how to make the brownie. That day, they were getting ready for a 350 person event. Here are some desserts they were plating:
A brownie square was included of course!
The class was with their Executive Pastry Chef, Fabrice Bouet. He demonstrated how to make them, then we got to eat some and received a kit to take home of all of the ingredients to make them ourselves.

My little one, asleep in The Palmer House kitchen....... It was usual nap time, and it all worked out because he probably wouldn't have been too patient with all of the conversation we were having with Fabrice.

The brownies are topped with walnuts and an apricot glaze. 
So delicious! There is an actual history tour you can take of the hotel, but it has not been available when we've been there. Fabrice was nice enough to take the class around to some of the ballrooms, which would fill up an entire post by themselves! So gorgeous.

We were really glad to experience this!

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That is so amazing! And your little boy sleeping through it is precious! Yum! Now I desperately want a brownie! I had never heard of a brownie with an apricot glaze before. I am intrigued.

You are so lucky to have gotten to do that. And that your child slept through it. I love history. And cooking! Together I would have been in heaven.

On a side note, my friend brought me a peacock necklace that she picked up at Target last week as a gift for me. It instantly made me think of you. Have you gotten it there yet?