Monday, March 10, 2014

Forties Friday

When it hits 40 and the sun is out, it is mood changing around here! Especially after the winter we have had! People ditch their coats, wear shorts, open up their windows, etc..... I usually don't go too far, however, I didn't feel I needed my coat last Friday since I had this cozy new sweatshirt. I've mentioned on here before that I am growing my "casual" type clothing - I look for pieces that are easy, simple and comfy but with unique twists. When I saw this Alternative Apparel Florence Wrap on Fashion Finds on a Dime blog, it intrigued me. Nikki is an awesome one to follow to maximize the most bang for your buck! I have never been exposed to this brand before. Long sleeves with thumb holes have quickly become a fun detail that I love in relaxed tops. I've noticed they are predominate in workout gear, but, confession: I do not buy a lot of clothes for working out. Just does not excite me even though I know I need to get back into a gym routine.

Anyway, Nikki researched the wrap on different sites (like I do) to find the best deal (see her post for details). I decided to order straight from Alternative Apparel. It was 50% off the sale price, and free shipping. I decided on the Cambridge Blue Tapestry pattern. It is a pretty mocha color with navy blue medallion designs. Keeping with my rule of wearing tighter pieces to balance out the over sized piece, I paired it with a blue tank, skinny jeans and brown boots. A long necklace worked best with this relaxed look, so I choose a copper feather piece I made which looked great with the colors of brown and navy.

What is it about thumb holes making you want to grasp a coffee cup? Walking around with a Starbucks in this weather with this outfit? Perfection! Although, it looks like we are going to get hit with some more winter this week. Oh well, at least Spring is trying really hard!


GnomeLover said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That sweater is so awesome. I remember seeing it on Nikki's blog. I am not sure if she ended up purchasing it or not. I remember her being on the fence. I love the thumb holes. I have always wanted a piece like that. It is so cute. I love seeing that feather necklace again. It is the coolest!

Now I want a cup of coffee just to hold it like that!


Nikki O'Toole said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love this on you! You look adorable, yet cozy!
You're right, Jenni. I was on the fence! I don't have room for it in my budget this month, but I may end up sneaking it in. It just looks too cute to pass up!
P.S. I was just given a tip that it's on Amazon right now for $21.99!!! Worth a look!