Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Work

LOVING this statement necklace, with a touch of tin...

Long necklace with tin accent.....

Owls with tin tummies!

LOVE how these tin earrings turned out!

Tin heart earrings
I am prepping for Battle Creek's annual Spring into the Arts this Friday evening. Spring into the Arts and Fall into the Arts have been the only two shows I've been doing lately, being that I work full time and have a little one. These art walks are a ton of fun and always draw a good crowd!

Recently, I have been focusing on either statement necklaces, or simpler pieces with a focus on upcycled tin. I am really enjoying what is coming out of the studio. If you are local, I hope to see you..... the event runs from 5-9 and I will be at Elwell Salon. Grab a map and check out all of the awesome artists, musicians, and yummy food!

I'm planning to do a big Etsy update once the show is over. If there is anything you are interested in purchasing, just contact me!

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Lynn said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You know, Anthropologie is great-looking stuff -- on the models in the catalog.But sometimes I can't help thinking it's a cruel joke on the average American women. Even someone normal-size and attractive like you just can't pull it off. When you look at it objectively, on the rack in the store,you have to wonder if a group of marketers someone in France are laughing all the way to the bank, as people say. And the designers: were they fired from K-Mart? I've certainly seen better looking stuff at places like that.(Please understand: I mean absolutely no offense to you.) That's why I only buys linens, pillows and dishes from them. My favorite of your outfits, btw? Your "Last Minute" one. It's perfect: comfortable-looking, stylish, attractive,the skirt really has unique flair and works beautiful w the denim shirt and the peacock eye necklace is the ideal echo. I'd wear that skirt all the time. If it's from Anthropologie, then nevermind.

best wishes,
Lynn Duvall