Friday, May 10, 2013

Chambray Surrender

I've finally given into purchasing a chambray shirt. I have resisted for so long, not seeing what the big deal almost every fashion blog I follow made it out to be. I'm not a huge fan of button up shirts to begin with, and I have a few jean jackets. Why would I need a denim like shirt? I'll tell you why:

It can be layered under or over almost anything! And paired with most any color!

I found this Nine West beauty at TJ Maxx. When it comes to basics like this, I want a good deal. If no one is going to know if I got it at J. Crew, why spend the money? The only time I spend a bit more on clothes is if they are unique and/or have special details.

It's making it's first debut layered under a strapless dress, inspired by an actual dress from Anthropologie shown below (that has the shirt part attached). I have always layered OVER strappy or strapless dresses, so this look is really different for me. I like the fact that my Nine West chambray has the same v-neckline (since it does not button all the way up) which I think helps pull this off successfully. I do apologize for the dreadfully pasty legs though!

You may recognize these shots from our rooftop patio, since I took a lot of outfit shots out there last summer. This is the roof over my studio which leaked last Fall, so we are finishing up the process of coating it and putting the railings back up. I was really careful not to fall off!

My inspiration is wearing:
Flared Bandana Shirtdress: Anthropologie

I am wearing:
Nine West chambray shirt: TJ Maxx
Maeve Lepidoptera Dress: Anthropologie (see previous outfit here)
Quadrivium Belt: Anthropologie
Earrings: New York & Co.
Watch: Vintage, my Grandpa's
A.N.A. Sandals: JC Penney

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