Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just couldn't leave it alone....

One of the benefits of designing your own jewelry is: you can always redo or change something. I find myself doing this from time to time. This winter, I made 2 necklaces with layered pendants of filigree/Vintaj brass component/Hint silver charm - one to wear myself and one to sell on Etsy. I've worn the one for me several times and enjoyed it - it was very simple and went with a lot of things. The one on Etsy hadn't sold yet. :-(

In the meantime, I was thrilled when Hint offered a larger silver peacock pendant for sale and bought it. I also bought 2 copper etched peacock "coins" from Round Rabbit. Hmmm, now I had even more of these components that all looked nice together. So after a few days of brainstorming, I figured out an arrangement for all of them. I pulled a long filigree necklace I had bought at Target (blogged about it here). If you've been following my blog for a while, you know I like the raid the costume jewelry at discount stores. Sometimes I have buyers remorse after I purchase something - seriously, why would I buy jewelry if I make my own? So it's always rewarding when I can "personalize" one of these store bought pieces with my own style. I recently personalized a shell button necklace I bought at Kohl's by swapping out the pendant that came with it for a peacock shell pendant I had.

Okay, I'm getting to my point... I shortened the Target necklace, swapped out a few of the filigree pieces for better layering looks, and added the metal coin pendants (all peacock designs) from Hint, Vintaj, and Round Rabbit. I love it! I love the wood beads and metal together and it has a very gypsy vibe to it. Another thing you've probably learned about me is I am not shy about wearing large, bold jewelry! I love how a necklace like this will dress up jeans and a t-shirt on the weekend.
Other than that, I am enjoying a lazy Saturday. It's a rainy day.... My hubby is working overtime today so I enjoyed lunch with a friend and am now back home to play in the studio. I am trying to decide what to focus on. I need to bring a new load of merchandise to the Art Center. If I make anything new for Etsy today, I won't be able to get good pics because of how dreary the natural light is. I had a hard enough time getting an okay pic of this necklace. At any rate, I'm sure I'll have fun no matter what I do!

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