Monday, December 22, 2008

White Christmas

Well, it sure is a White Christmas this year! Snow, snow and more snow! Unfortunately, our snow blower broke on Friday just as Jon was getting done with the driveway. We finally broke down and bought one this year - although a used one from a co-worker. This was the 3rd time he used it - darn, you get what you pay for I guess... He'll have to work on it, even though working on yard equipment is his least favorite thing to do!

I'm hoping we can find a window tomorrow to travel before the next storm hits. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and I can't wait to read all about everyone's good times! Til then, I'll leave you with my most recent peacock wares I made. I must model them over the next few days...

I layered Hint's Krishna Peacock with Vintaj's Fussy Peacock on a simple chain for a necklace that goes with everything! Check out the paper mache mini model I got at Michael's.
And here's the first necklace I made from one of my many peacock pendants from Wabisabipottery. I decided to put it off-center. The rest of the necklace is wood beads, silver beads, and some lovely stones a friend gave me because I showed her how to wire wrap. I'm not completely sure what they are, but they are the prettiest milky green color! I'll be making more necklaces with the other pendants that will be for sale - I have some other designs in mind.Take Care Everyone!!!

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