Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun with Filigree and more...

I have been having fun lately re-discovering filigree. It seems to be everywhere now, especially for romantic fall looks. Here is some inspiration I picked up at Target (long necklace), The Limited (bought 2 on clearance, have taken one apart to use for other projects) and the butterflies are from some other cheap mall store. I am loving how different colored metals are being mixed together as well.

So, I created this bold necklace which is now for sale on Etsy. I was inspired by this necklace from Anthropologie.
As for the "more" section of my title, I weeded through several old boxes of stuff and was pleasantly surprised with my finds. Jackpot! One of the things I found was this African pendant which I got from an aunt who traveled there. The colors are amazing and I am really happy with how this necklace turned out (also for sale on Etsy).

I know, I know.... I don't have a particular "look" to my work. I just work with what I love and what inspires me.

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