Friday, November 14, 2008

Ode to Ombre

I am especially loving the ombre trend lately - it's like tie dye for grown ups! The Fall issue of Stringing magazine had a lovely feature on it, and I've been doing some work in it as well. You can see my "Fly" necklace and bracelet on Etsy, both with varying shades of blue beads. I'd like to share the two pieces that I have been wearing lately too.

The first is using the same blue beads I have been in love with lately, laid upon one of my brown ombre sweaters. The beads have a matte finish. I used one of my wood burned beads and a butterfly from KB Glassworks. I got the butterfly as a gift from my parents when I finished my Associate Degree and I had it strung but was always not totally happy with how it turned out. Now that I have used the ombre technique on it, I love it and it seems to flow better!
The second long necklace I made out of glazed ceramic beads to match the purple and pink top I have. The iridescent pink seed beads are a new favorite from Michael's.

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