Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fun New Stuff

It's been a great weekend! Last week was full of stress and busyness for both Jon and I. Summer hours have already started at my work - they go from daylight savings to daylight savings. Basically, if you work and extra hour Monday thru Thursday, you can get out at Noon on Friday. What I have always done is wake up earlier and go in the morning because I'd rather have as much of my evenings as possible. But, it takes a while for my body to get used to this routine. But, the Friday afternoons sure are worth it!

So on Friday, I had to go to the Art Center and another store I sell at (My Style, Your Style) to drop off new merchandise. The sales and feedback from both places is very positive, so that certainly keeps me going. My sales on Etsy have been less than I though, but I know there's a lot of competition there. I am actually working on opening another store on Etsy that will be exclusively for my wood burned components and destash. Hopefully I will get it up this week.

Friday evening, Jon came home and suggested we take the dogs (who we feel we've neglected most of the week) to Petco so they could pick out some new toys. I couldn't resist this handsome tie for Biscuit! (Don't worry, Mocha's been around longer so she has a lot more accessories than Mr. B) Here he is in his usual "in your face" mode.... Great weather has also allowed us to take them for walks both Saturday and Sunday.
I've put in some studio time this weekend too.... While I don't have anything to show right now, I'll share some new things I've recently gotten. I already have 3 Fordite cabs, with more on the way! I found a few Michigan sellers so I felt pretty good buying from them. The more research I did on this stuff, the more I learned on how to watch for fakes. There's a seller on eBay who has a ton of listings, but he's in Thailand..... ummmm, yeah, definitely think that's reproduction there.Here's a new polymer artist I've come to admire: Barbara Fajardo. Got these beautiful textured flowers. She has an Etsy shop, as well as her own website.Lastly, I'm sure we've all seen the ads for Shiana in bead magazines - they are most well known for their flower head pins. Being they have a peacock as their logo, I had to check them out. They actually make pendants with their logo on them and I also got some peacock feathers and bead caps - all Hill Tribe silver.Okay, I'm off for my Sunday night ritual with my hubby - watching The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy, and American Dad!

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