Sunday, March 11, 2018

Anthropologie Spring Fashion Show

 Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend a Spring Fashion Show at Anthropologie in Ann Arbor. It also happened to be International Women's Day, so it seemed even more fitting to be doing something fun with a friend!
 Upon arriving, we were greeted with macaroons almost too pretty to eat and some refreshing drinks. I took notice of the shop that supplied the yummies, as my name is Heather Ann!
 I wore a dress I first blogged about in 2016. Love this backdrop they made!
 So in between all of this eye candy, I thought I would talk about the importance of friendship. One of my biggest frustrations at this point in my life is fitting in time with friends. Sometimes I feel like I have to squeeze it into the hours of 8-5, which is my workday. A frenzied lunch meeting where I'm feeling like it's not enough time to catch up, but also stressed for taking a long lunch hour. Or, taking a day off or half day off to meet a friend for lunch, shopping, or heck even chaperoning a field trip together! But, that's the norm right - we do it all, and we do it so well that our loved ones don't even realize how hard it is.
 I don't know what I would do without my friends - they save my sanity and make me laugh. We are all going through the same phase of life, whether it's raising kids, navigating our marriages, dealing with loss, health issues, family problems. We all love and support each other. I was beating myself up the other day about maintaining some friendships, and Sarah had some great advice. She drew a circle with several circles around it and explained that we have our inner circle of close friends, and then other friends and acquaintances that fit into the outer rings. Sometimes, we get set in thinking that those people have to stay in the rings where you've placed them. It's okay for people to move in and out of different rings based upon life circumstances. Be open to getting close to someone new. And vice versa, don't feel guilty if you drift apart from someone for a while. There are some ladies I've met within the past year that I would love to get to know better, but I'll admit it's my own thinking that if I barely have time for my existing friendships, how can I have more?
 My friend Lisa had some good advice this week too - she said "Your boys need you right now.... they won't be little forever. Your true friends will still be there later on." That really helped!
 So, back to the show, it was really fun! I can't say that any one look stood out to me, rather I liked different parts of different outfits. The employees and models did a great job!

  I ended up winning one of the raffle prizes, which was a nice surprise! I linked to the items below, which I've already tried and loved! I think my favorite was the mask - I've never tried one of those fabric masks before and I will definitely try some more now. These little goodies just extended the enjoyment of the evening into some relaxing this weekend!
 Voluspa Maison Mini Candle (I got the Saijo Persimmon)
Sarah and I grabbed some dinner and called it a night. Thanks for meeting me Sarah, and for being my friend!

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