Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Mom Uniform

This outfit combo is a tried and true formula that I am usually wearing some variation of. Jeans + sleeveless flowy top + long cardigan. Add in your preferred footwear and throw on a necklace if you feel like it. It's comfy while still feeling "put together".
My jeans here are Rock & Republic High Roller (Kohl's) and my fave dv Jameson Booties (Target). The various sleeveless tops I have are either printed (most from Anthropologie) or solid (I bought up a bunch of Anthro dupes at Kohl's a few years ago). These tops all have the same details in common. They have a more fitter placket along the neckline - my printed ones have embroidery and my solid ones have a ruched texture. From there they just flow out and are loose. I've talked before too about these thin long cardigans..... the expensive versions are from Free People or LuLaRoe, but you can find copies at most any big box clothing store (this one is from TJ Maxx). I've bought these up in several colors too when I see them cheap.
I tried to get a close up of the embroidered detail of the top, and my necklace which my Mom gave me for Christmas (from Anthropologie). It's a pretty geode at the end of a sparkly strand of beads and rhinestones. I would link to these items, but they are sold out unfortunately. The top was marked down at Anthro for $29.95 + another 40% off. Do you have a "go to" outfit for when you are stumped for what to wear but still need to look like you made an effort?

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