Thursday, March 8, 2018

Chenille : Two Looks

Here are a few more outfits I took pictures of back in November! I figured I'd better post them before chenille is out of season. Unfortunately, this sweater is sold out but in doing a quick "chenille" search on a few sites you may be able to snag some awesome clearance deals! I've talked before about what 90's trends I have enjoyed a second time around: slip dresses over tees, choker necklace, velvet. A close relative of velvet is chenille and it seemed I couldn't walk into any store this Winter without seeing chenille sweaters! Which is great news because no one has to spend over $100 for a cardigan (like the ones I saw at Anthropologie) when you can find them in the $20-$40 range at Target, Macy's, JC Penney, Meijer. I got this pink one at Loft and also grabbed a berry red one on clearance at Target. Chenille is a super soft, plush, velvety knit and unlike most knits it does not pill. However, I remember a few chenille sweaters I owned when it was first popular, that became threadbare in the areas you would usually see pilling in. So, I am wondering if that still happens and hoping that it doesn't. 
I love pink and green together! The first of these two simple looks is pairing the pink with black and white (and throwing my green jacket on). I'm wearing all my trusty basics here that you've seen before : booties, high rise black jeans, sunglasses, monogram necklace, and one of those sleeveless flowy tops from Kohl's that I am always referring to.
For the second look, I layered the cardigan over all denim but in two different shades. Again with the basic booties, high rise jeans, sunglasses...... the sleeveless chambray top is from Kohl's and the necklace from Anthropologie. Are you a fan of chenille? Do you remember it from your past or is it totally new to you?

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