Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sent Home

Just as I mentioned in my last post, where we had Spring like weather, we are now in the middle of probably the biggest snowstorm of this Winter. So it really is hard to get excited about those unseasonable days. The snow started as I was going into work this morning, and once there we were told we could get back home safely and work from there. On my way back through town, I decided to stop at my favorite place for pictures so I could do an outfit post. This doorway is sheltered, but my camera was out in the weather so you can see some of the snow in the pics! Too bad it wasn't slow, fluffy flakes falling. I would love to try some photos like that sometime. 

Even though I only wore this for about an hour, I did wear it ALL DAY a few weeks ago with black booties instead of tall brown ones. This patchwork boho dress is so comfy and so me and I just know I will wear it a ton. It is still full price at Anthropologie, but I found a heck of a deal on one of the Buy/Sell/Trade pages I am on. 

Jon is out of town for work - he left Monday and comes back tomorrow (weather pending). It is a long standing joke that every time he goes away, some kind of mayhem happens..... weather, dog drama, kid malfunctions, etc..... So I guess this blizzard is no different! Taking care of everything on my own, Mama was more than happy to turn her ass around and head back home this morning! I was thrilled with the thought of working with a candle lit, tea going, fireplace on, peace and quiet. I have to admit, I really miss working from home on a regular basis like I used to. Splitting my time 50/50 between home and office was the perfect balance in my opinion. It was great to get dressed up and go into work, and it was also great to work at home. I am thankful I have the flexibility at this job to do it in cases like the weather and sick kids, but my hope is that one day we will have a plan in place where it is a more regular practice. Even if it is not as much as I was used to, I will take anything! It seems a hard sell to those who have never done it, but since I did it for over a year it is like second nature to me.

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