Monday, February 22, 2016

Taste of Spring

It happens every year...... We get a few nice days and then back to cold. It was fun to take my new floral trench out for a spin though while running errands this weekend! Tan, black trim, with punches of pink and blue flowers = a classic with a twist! I kept the rest of my outfit monochrome with black flares, thin long sleeve top (with thumb holes for a little warmth) and black boots. I just love the silhouette of a flare..... and the empire type style of the jacket. Those two shapes really work for my body type (pear shaped gal right here!) and it's all about embracing what works best for your features. I can go up and down on the scale, but these styles are tried and true for me!

You know what else is tried and true? Blonde hair! OMG, no matter how hard I try to go natural, I just can't! So it's back to the light and I feel so much better! Everybody has to have their "thing" right? Some people like getting their nails done..... others obsess about wrinkles...... one might be on a quest for the whitest teeth....... or ALL of these things. But this gal? This gal right here? It's my hair! It's gotta be right or Mama ain't happy!

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