Sunday, July 12, 2015

Misty Morning

Trying to keep up with this little hobby (blog) of mine is hard to do. I never thought about "giving it up" until I had my second baby. Every time I am just about ready to throw in the towel, I get a new wave of inspiration that prevents me from doing so. And I am happy for that because I really don't want to stop and I think it's important to keep those little bits of things "you" enjoy doing. It's so easy to get lost in the everyday grind.

I usually take my pictures during my lunch hour..... that is, unless I have a million errands to run. On this particular morning though, I was taking some things out to the car before getting the kids ready. I couldn't resist the gorgeous morning light and fog, which is pretty much the norm living where we do now with farm fields as far as the eye can see. I am not a morning person, but this peacefulness makes it a little bit easier to enjoy. Since the kids were still sleeping and content, I took advantage.
I wore this same outfit last month when I had to travel for work. I just replaced the sandals for Birkenstocks for ease going through security at the airport. The over sized scarf was perfect for temperature changes on the plane, and then my white blouse did double duty once there as I could dress it up with work pants, dressier sandals, and even belt it for a more tailored look.
Of course this peacock scarf caught my eye at Anthropologie. But $78!?!?!? No way. As usual, I started doing my research on the brand - Front Row Society

Front Row Society is an exciting new fashion platform giving talented designers from all backgrounds the opportunity to showcase their work.

Front Row Society is known for its clean contemporary shapes and stunning prints, with collections that remain fresh and exciting season after season. Every month, a new print challenge is set following a seasonal theme or trend. Hundreds of designs are submitted to the online competitions each month, with the winners becoming part of the Front Row Society collection.

I ended up finding the same scarf at Nordstrom for $40. Why almost double Anthro??? I don't get it.
With as large as it is, you will really get a bang for your buck. Just take a look at some ideas on Pinterest to see how it can be used as a piece of clothing (sarong, pareo, etc...).
Hi Rise Jeggings - American Eagle
Simply Vera Sleeveless Blouse - Kohl's

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