Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grass Lake Pickers

If you've been following along here for a bit, you know that the hubs and I are avid DIYers. A few weekends ago, we were working to complete a letter "T" that Jon pieced together from pallets. We wanted to find a bunch of old hardware to put on the "seams". Our downtown is graced with a wonderful antique salvage store. Actually, it's more like 3 buildings worth of stuff! It takes up several store fronts along the main street, but there is tons to discover in the back too, like this courtyard. 

I wore my Lilly Pulitzer for Target maxi dress, my favorite Gap denim jacket that is in most of my posts (both dress and jacket from consignment shops). My necklace is Chew Beads for Carson's enjoyment. Sandals are from TJ Maxx. We went to a cookout later, and this outfit was comfy all day long. 

 Pictures could never do this store justice, so I just focused on the "smalls" that we were seeking out. 
 They just don't make things like they used to........
 So.... much..... stuff!

 The boys, being on their best behavior.
 And.... our completed project. We even dug through a jar of old screws since new screws would have looked out of place. Jon came up with this idea when he saw the curves for the forklifts on the underside of the pallets (how funny since we met at a forklift business) and thought they looked like the curves of this monogram for our last name!

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