Sunday, July 19, 2015

Frugal Florals

I found this strapless maxi dress at my new favorite local consignment shop : Moran's in Chelsea.
It's from Target and it still had the tags on!
I loved the painted like flowers on the black. 
 The story of our front door will be another post (it needs to be painted a deeper shade of burnt orange, and I want to share my potted trees project and some possible wreath projects). But for now, it's a nice pop of color for outfit pics!
 The necklace? Kate Spade. $9.99 at TJ Maxx. YES KATE SPADE FOR $10!!!!! I find the coolest stuff at the Jackson TJ Maxx, especially jewelry. It's the location of my $6 Anthropologie necklace that I love so much!
 I really wanted to pull out the brown in the floral print, so I made the strapless part of it work appropriate by topping it with a brown sweater which I tied to make it the right length. I love how the ombre coloring of the sweater blends so well into the black.
 Then, I also wore brown sandals.
 So let's see.....
New with tags dress from consignment shop - $14.99
Kate Spade necklace from TJ Maxx - $9.99
Apt 9 Sweater from Kohl's - I've had this for years but let's just say around $19.99
Jessica Simpson sunglasses from TJ Maxx - $14.99

Those are some pretty frugal prices - and of course these pieces can be mixed and matched with others in endless ways. This is why I blog.... it's not about pictures of myself, it's about sharing my passion for the quest of pretty clothes with price tags that are attainable for anyone. I've never been one to say, "I need new clothes" and go out and drop a ton of money. I enjoy finding piece by piece over the course of years.

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