Monday, July 5, 2010

Inspired by: Branches & Birds

I was enjoying this past Saturday morning, like any Saturday morning, putzing around the house and Jon was working outside. All of a sudden, I heard the most horrific noise and felt the ground shake. I poked my head out the back door to see Jon calmly skimming the pool so I figured whatever it was hadn't affected us. He casually said "tree fell down" and I immediately thought it was our neighbors tree that has been blowing out of control lately, colliding with the power lines. But, it was actually one of our trees.

I have no idea what age to guess this tree is, but it is big and old. And right on one side of our house. While I enjoy these big old trees for their beauty and shade, I do worry about them quite a bit during storms. Many damaging storms have come through our town this summer so far, and we've been lucky enough to not have anything go wrong. So I wonder if this limb was weakened by one of the storms, or maybe rotted out? All I know is that I need to get a tree expert out here to help clear out the fallen piece and give us advice on what to do with the rest of the tree. I don't think I will have complete piece of mind unless it comes down. What if it fell on our house!?!?! I don't like to kill or cut down living things, but when our safety and home are at stake, we might just have to.
So, the inspiration just hit me the past few days to make some jewelry with branches, wood, birds, etc... in it. All three of these necklaces are now listed on Etsy.........

My Home:
Artist intense focal with a ceramic wood connector from Earthenwood Studio, polymer clay stick from Swoon Dimples, pewter harpy from Green Girl Studios, and mixed media bird house. The bird house is from Art by Heather, and I decoupaged it with lots of fun images. I had made a similar one a while back. The rest of the necklace is composed of wire wrapped glass beads, chain, and a lobster clasp.

Swooping Birch:
Two polymer clay branch beads from Humblebeads are wired in asymetrial sections of chain. A Vintaj brass bird has been wired to a pewter twig from Ornamentea. The connector and clasp are from the new Industrial Chic line by Susan Lenart Kazmer at Michaels.
Out on a Limb:
A copper/resin bird from Jade Scott hangs from a wired "nest" and a ceramic branch from Diane Hawkey. A lobster clasp connects in the front. Chain and glass and wood beads wrap around the back.

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How lovely, Heather! To be inspired by the beauty of that tree and the life it lead and the lives it sustained. I love the little blue bird one and the great little birdhouse you made! Well done.
Enjoy the day!