Friday, July 2, 2010

With friends like these.......

On June 2nd, Jade Scott was having one of her pendant updates on Etsy. I, however, was traveling back from Belize that day. When I got home though, I looked to see what was still available and also saw what goodies had sold. I was so bummed when I saw that she had made several designs with a peacock feather in them and they had all sold! My bloggy/beady friend Lorelei had been able to snag one though, and we made a swap - I told her I would get her some goodies at Bead & Button.
I knew right away that I would want to make a bracelet out of the connector, and started pulling some things together before Bead & Button. It wasn't until I was at Bead & Button though, that I found the final element to pull it all together - a brown leather cuff from Jill McKay.
What I liked about her cuff is that it had a hole at each end with a lobster clasp closure. I replaced the lobster clasp with a swivel clasp from Tim Holtz, but I really liked this idea to close a leather cuff. Usually, the traditional closure is a button or snap which can be hard to resize. Jill's cuff also had 2 holes pre-punched in the middle of the cuff for some of her interchangeable elements. Luckily, those 2 holes lined up great with Jade's connector. I used a couple of scrapbook brads to hold the connector in place.
The other reason I really like the holes on the ends, is that I was able to attach a strand of beads on each side. I love the bright color combo of teal, purple and lime!
So a sincere "thanks" goes out to Lorelei for thinking of me with this peacock connector!!!

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Lorelei said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

WOW!! That turned out beautiful!! I knew you would make some totally fabulous with that connector! Love that leather cuff, dang. I wish I could have gone to B&B!