Thursday, February 26, 2009

Treasured Collections

I promised earlier in the week that I would elaborate on an event coming up at the Art Center. Last year, I worked on the committee of this event and this year I am a co-chair. It's called Treasured Collections and for a small fee of $10 a table, local collectors can bring in whatever they are passionate about and do a display. The event is on Sunday, March 1st from 1-4 p.m. and at that time, admission is $5 for people to come see the galleries. Since this is a fundraiser, we do not spend any money on the event. This means, we have been busy getting donations for the refreshments and donations for the raffle we do.

Last year, I did a table of peacock items. This year, I decided to do artisan beads. More specifically lampwork glass beads. I decided to narrow it down because there are so many types of artisan beads now - polymer clay, pewter, silver, glass, etc... Maybe next year I can choose another medium from my collection. But I thought I would share with you my lampwork glass collection thus far. I have been able to incorporate each bead into a design. I started collecting in 2001 when I went to my first Bead & Button Show. Since then, I make it a tradition to buy a special bead from an artist I admire every year I go. When I did my little write-up for my table, I was amazed to list out these artists who are all over the U.S.!

Peacock Egg by Emiko Sawamoto of Ruri Glass Studio.
Peacock Barrel by Darby Kingston Graham of Darbeads.
Sandblast Dragonfly by Alethia Donothan of Dacs Beads.

Floral by Kim Miles.

Sea Garden by Andrea Guarino.

Butterfly by Bryan Kitson of KB Glassworks.

Dragonfly by Kim Wertz of HeartBead.
Owls by Georgina Fields (eBay seller Jawjee)

One of these owl bracelets has been in my Etsy shop - I can't believe no one has bought it - it is so pretty!
I have one more set of beads from another artist, but I have to keep that a secret right now.
Many of these artists sell on Etsy, so take a look for them. It also makes you feel good that many of these artists use their revenue towards great causes. For instance, Kim Miles and her husband went to Africa last November and plan to go again. Georgina Fields supports the Australian Red Cross.
Enjoy this eye candy - these artist are so truly talented and I feel very lucky to own their work!

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Stunning collection! What a cool idea for an event!