Friday, February 6, 2009


I am filled with energy and excitement for this weekend. I know it sounds silly to be happy about temperature forecasts in the 40's, but hey, such is life in Michigan! Jon and I have common goals of cleaning the house (he's so good and helps, especially with the bathrooms!), going grocery shopping, and possibly getting a new rug for the kitchen. My personal goals are to clean my closet, but more importantly to bring some jewelry ideas to life! I should have time to do this as Jon wants to work on his vehicles and get some homework done. I know I haven't mentioned homework lately, and I feel lucky that my last semester consists of fairly low maintenance classes! Oh, and the Art Center is having a reception on Sunday for the new exhibit: African American Mosaic. They are also trying a new idea - "trunk shows" for selected artists. I hope it helps drive sales for the gift shop and if it is successful, I hope I am asked to participate in the future!

Since I do always try to have pictures in my posts for something fun to look at, I will share pictures of the scrapbook pages I got done last weekend at my friend Kim's. I've been thrilled with the "zone" I've been in lately when it comes to scrapping! It's a good feeling to get a lot accomplished when you've hauled all your stuff around - to feel mostly "caught up" with your memories...... It was fun to have some girl time and that's one of the reason's Jon went to Florida - he knew I'd be occupied on Friday and Saturday with my invite to Kim's.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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