Thursday, February 12, 2009

Color Block People

Hmmm, let's see... what has this week entailed. Got my closet cleaned so that was a good feeling. It always leads to finding new ways to pair things up, especially with jewelry! The thought of selling some clothes on eBay though is so daunting - sometimes it's worth it, other times it's not. I was super excited to be the feature artist on the Art Bead Scene blog on Monday! We had a taste of Spring, only to be cruelly thrown back into winter. Oh, and we got a new rug for the kitchen which made me think of the title for this entry, as the new rug is a similar pattern to the living room rug we got last year. The kitchen rug has inspired thoughts of doing a similar pattern as a back splash - something that has been on our wish list since we moved in. Here is Biscuit modeling the kitchen rug (hopefully without thoughts to mess on it) and Mocha modeling the living room rug.

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