Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cuff Me, Spoon Me

I'm gearing up for a super busy week, so I'm trying to get some studio time in today.

I have finished 2 cuff bracelets with some of the copper plates I made last week. To decorate the rest of the leather cuffs I affixed these to, I burned peacock feather images on each side. I am pleased with how they turned out!
I also finished 2 spoon bracelets I started last week. This picture is not so good, but you can see more pics on Etsy as both a cuff and spoon have made it there for sale!Here's what I have on my plate this week:

School: I have a mid-term in my class tomorrow night and this week marks the end of one of my online classes so I have to submit a project and complete the final test. Also, find out what I need to start my next online class.

Art Center: Some issues I need to assist with as Treasurer. Also, there is an artist's postcard sale on Thursday night. And, the fundraiser I am co-chair of is next Sunday. I will give more details about the fundraiser later in the week, but I need to collect some more raffle donations, help setup on Saturday, and get my piece ready for the event.

Personal Life: My Mom is coming to visit next weekend for the fundraiser so I have to get the house clean. And make sure I give my hubby and dogs some attention.

Work: Oh yeah, I need to go to work everyday..... We have a team building event on Thursday.

I can't wait until this time next Sunday when it's all over!

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