Monday, June 29, 2020


 Are you "surviving", or are you "thriving"? When quarantine started, I have to admit I was surviving. Two adults working from home and two kids doing school work at home - it was probably the most challenging time of my life yet (even if social media doesn't reflect that). But now, I feel like I am starting to thrive again. I am getting back to healthier eating habits...... hubby is back to the office so there is one less person home during the day...... kids start daycare again in July (and so need it! They are craving social interaction just like we are)...... and our annual cabin vacation coming up. The third and final Bright Walls festival that was set to happen this Summer has been postponed until 2021, but there still seem to be new murals popping up here and there. This artist is the same artist who painted the "Vibrant" fish mural I posted about a few weeks ago. This "Thrive" one is on the side of a restaurant and actually had already been painted for years with a crow. I am not sure what the deciding factor is in painting over an existing mural, but this one extends beyond the word to include a tribute to a local jazz artist I believe. This is yet another new to me LuLaRoe dress - the style is Nicki, which is the sleeveless version of the Nicole. Fit and flare with pockets. The black and white peacock feather print is unique since peacock prints are usually so colorful - and I knew it this location would be perfect to photograph it!

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