Wednesday, October 9, 2019

No In Between

What do we think of this pattern mixing? I love it when random pieces come together unplanned, which is how most of my pattern mixing tends to happen anyway. And I like it when I don't have to try too hard. This is the $12 skirt from TJ Maxx this Summer and a Loft blouse from a few years ago. 
Have you ever seen those memes where they compare two extreme things, and then state "there is no in between"? I totally feel like that describes my life perfectly, and here's why this outfit made me think of that theme. Here are my "no in betweens".............
1. I am either dressed up and accessorized with intention, or I am wearing cruddy leggings with a mismatched tee. This includes hair/makeup versus unwashed hair/no makeup.
2. I am a foodie who wants to try the most crazy combo at a new restaurant, or I want a burger with just ketchup.
3. I am in bed early reading, bitching about "what the kids these days are doing" (old and responsible), or else I am driving down the highway, eating an ice cream cone, singing along to Lizzo, with my gas light on (young and irresponsible).
There is no in between!!!

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