Monday, September 9, 2019

Bad Reviews

As an avid shopper, I like reading reviews about items, especially if it is something I can't see in person. However, I also take reviews with a grain of salt because if I really love a piece, I will try to work past whatever challenges it presents. This plaid top from Anthropologie (Maeve Amelia Buttondown, purchased when extra 50% off sale was going on) is a good example of that. I don't wear plaid that often, so the colors really have to grab me in order to be interested in it (and these vibrant ones did).

First complaint is this top runs big, which is true because I am in a small here and still have room. My tips for adding definition to something that is big? Belt it, tuck it, tie it (as I did here over my dress). If it is casual over jeans, then I love a flowy top. If you are really brave you could try to shrink it in the wash/dryer or you could always have it taken in by a tailor.

Next complaint is that it is low cut. Simple solution = wear a tank under it!

I often always see people mention that an item "doesn't look like it does on the model". Well, are you a model? Don't put your expectations on a model. We have to realize how much goes into a photo shoot - clothing is also clipped in the back for a better fit, which we can't see. 
The style of this top is a bit odd because it is very lightweight fabric, but the arms are bulky because there are two drawstrings in each in which you can scrunch the arms up or leave them down. I'm still playing around with this piece, and with all the colors trying to decide on the perfect necklace. I love that it has black, blue and olive in it as those are my 3 staples for bottom pairings. I love sale shopping as it is, but if it is an odd piece that's not 100% love at first fit, then definitely wait for sale to make it worth while.
Maeve "Amelia" Buttondown : Anthropologie

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