Friday, February 24, 2017

Spring Tease

 Who would have thought that you could have bare legs in February in Michigan!?!?! I guess it's no different than a few Novembers ago when I was wearing short sleeves and sandals on the blog! We've had gorgeous weather all week and we always seem to get these Spring teases, only to be snapped back to reality and feeling bummed about it! At any rate, the temps as well as the increase in daylight hours, have been a good jump start on more regular blogging.
 Minor detail: I didn't shave my legs. Trust me, I don't have my life THAT put together! Thankfully, I don't have overly dark hairy legs. I am sporting another LuLaRoe dress (the Carly style) and you've probably guessed I have it because it is a peacock print. I now have a peacock printed dress in almost all their styles..... this Carly, this Julia, the Amelia I just posted about, and this Ana. The only one missing is a Nicole and trust me, I have one in mind I am trying to find!
Also wearing: jean jacket from TJ Maxx, necklace from Francesca's, and booties from Sole Society.
Have I ever mentioned that the head designer for LuLaRoe used to design for Anthropologie (and other major retailers)? No wonder why I am so drawn to this brand!

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