Thursday, February 23, 2017


When I first got this dress, I was convinced it was navy blue. In fact, the first few times I wore it, I wore it with navy tights. Finally, I looked at the lining and realized it was in fact black. This was a lucky surprise find at The Loft over New Years Weekend. My parents were in town and Mom and I got to sneak away for a bit. I rarely do "mall" shopping anymore so I feel out of tune with what stores are offering. But The Loft often gives me a pleasant surprise when I do get to visit. This dress was on sale with an extra 60% off sale items, so it was a steal! Being that I own so many peacock prints, it is always excited to come across one that is different. They named the print "snowbird" so it would be easy for it to slip past any "peacock" searches I sometimes do.
"Snowbird" Dress - The Loft
Anthropologie Tassel Necklace - TJ Maxx
Tights - Target
Massini Booties - Meijer

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