Sunday, November 1, 2015

Grand Opening

I have no idea how I am even functioning right now! It has been a whirlwind weekend for sure! No, it's not that extra hour. In fact, that is probably going to make me crash and burn even harder. We worked at the booth both days (today was the grand opening of the second floor where our space is)....... had tons of Halloween fun with the kids and friends...... along with the usual grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc... Anyway, I am excited to get this post up to show some of our wares at the booth thus far! As I was there doing some last minute pricing today for a couple of hours, we already sold 4 items in that short time. That just makes me more motivated to create and curate more goodies to offer!

First up, I am going to show the handmade items I've been working on. I've basically replicated every project I've done for my own home decor because I have loved everything so much. I am linking back to the original posts for each project as well. Any questions, let me know.

Collector Trays - $12 each
(Love Your Life SOLD)
I'll be making up a couple more of these.....
 Painted Globes
Feathers - $50
Moon/Stars - $20
I love doing these and want to do a bunch more!
 Embroidery Hoop Picture Holders
$15 - $20
 And a few decorative hoops you can mix into a wall collage
$5 - $10
 Wood Burned Spoons

 Wood Burned Cutting Boards

I also have a tray of about 10 of my handmade necklaces there but forgot to get a close up picture of it. I also have a couple of these snow globes there and intend to make some more too ($4 each).

Besides handmade, we've done our share of "picking" and purging of our own things to sell. When we were in Wisconsin this summer, Jon, Dad and I went out rummaging. We stopped at a house that had a bunch of farm equipment towards the road. We made some deals on some of it, and as we talked to the guy he invited us back further onto his property where he had more stuff. I felt like we were Mike and Frank on American Pickers! Just by talking to someone about a common interest, and all of a sudden you have access to all of this cool stuff! Rusty gold as Mike would say! 
No replica made in China can duplicate this patina!
 Here is our booth, ready to be filled. We spent last weekend painting the raw walls white (because that is what we had and since this is our first time doing this, we want to keep costs to a minimum).
 And here is what it looked like when I left today. It's a great start with what we have so far. Our booth is the first one you see when you come up the stairs. We are committed for 6 months, so during that time we will be filling it up and moving stuff around a lot I am sure. Once that time is up, we will get a better feel if we want to continue.

 Kristen has a lot of vintage kitchen goodies, including Fiesta Ware, Pyrex and Milk Glass.

 Kristen's handmade flower pins - $5
 Jon and I spent a week before we were married, redoing this Hoosier Cabinet. Sadly, the only place we used it was in our first apartment. Since it's been sitting for almost 13 years, we decided to try to sell it. It was a chippy white before and we stripped it all down and used a paint gun to get a really smooth finish with the 2 shades of green. I decoupaged and hand painting the fruit decor. There are even little fruit details on the insides of the doors. We also replaced all of the hand ware.
 Tractor Grill Light - $125
 Jon whipped up some quick pallet shelves for us yesterday morning.
We have a lot of Christmas themed treasures already! I've purged my McCoy pottery, some stained glass pieces....... It's a work in progress. It seems like this is the first time for many of the other booth owners, so it's nice to have that camaraderie and compare notes. I am excited and feel like I have so much more to say, but I am fading fast...... If you are interesting in seeing our stuff, along with tons of other cool stuff, here's the info:

The Antique Mercantile
409 Hupp Avenue
Jackson, MI
Tuesday - Saturday: 10-6
Sunday: 12-5

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