Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cold Ankles

So I'm back to talking about my peep toe booties...... obviously trying to wear them as much as possible before the snow flies! These pictures aren't that great, but I love the simplicity of this outfit from last Friday. I have to admit, when open toe boots started coming out a few years ago I was a bit baffled. I mean, what is the point of a boot if part of your foot is exposed!?!?! But, as with a lot of things, they started to grow on me. I'm also trying to get used to having a bit of ankle exposed when wearing booties with pants. I've been stumped in this area for a bit. I always felt like I got it right when I wore them with skirts / dresses (meaning proportions, lengths, etc. - no one wants their legs to look stumpy) but pants? That was a different story. It seems the trend of showing ankle has grown on me now too, and once again how does this make sense? Your ankles are going to get cold!

There are a few ways to achieve the right length pant for your booties. You will notice many retailers offer "ankle" length pants. NOT crop pants, but more of a pixie pant, making the leg look flattering with all kinds of footwear (flats, heels, booties). Or, you could purchase the "short" length of the pants you like provided they come in short, regular and long. That is what these jeans are. My favorite pair of high rise in the perfect color and I didn't purposely seek out the short version - it was just all they had left on the clearance rack at American Eagle. I am telling you though, the length works with everything! Sandals, moccasins and now my booties. And later in the season when I tuck them into my taller boots, the length won't matter. These truly are a "wear with everything" jean.

Lastly, if you don't want to own several lengths of pants, you can roll your jeans like I did in my previous post about these boots. Who would have thought rolling your pants would come back? Thank goodness it is not the same as how we rolled pants in high school! I seem to remember using a safety pin to "peg" them BEFORE rolling them. We would also tuck the "pegged" hem into our bunchy socks. I remember having this clip on straps as well to turn any pair of pants into stirrups so they would not untuck from said bunchy socks. 

These ankle length jeans? We would have called them "high waters"!
The flare leg trend? We would have called those "bells" and not been caught dead in them!
Funny how things change!

High Rise Jeggings - American Eagle

Fergalicious "Cleo" Booties - DSW

Apt 9 Spider Pin - Kohl's

Black Tunic - Meijer
Seen here, and tucked in here

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I totally had those clip on elastic thingys to make my jeans into stirrup pants! Ahhhh. The 80s.