Monday, February 9, 2015

Consignment Boots

It's been out of the ordinary that I've had such unique boot finds shopping consignment. Two cool pairs within the last few months, with this lace up pair being shown first. Just like comparison shopping the lace up ones to more expensive versions, I've done the same with this fabric/pattern pair too. I always refer back to Anthropologie so if you go take a look at their boots you will find several with textile details. Actually though, these were not so cheap to begin with. The style is "Graced" by Steve Madden and even though they are sold out everywhere, I see they retailed for around $160. I paid $40. They are real leather and very well made.
As with most trends, I thought it would be nice to own a pair, but knew I would wait for the right ones to come along. Even though these prints are trendy right now, they truly are classic and will withstand the test of time.
These were my very last purchase at the consignment shop I frequented in Battle Creek before we moved. It's taken me this long to show them. If your favorite shop has a Facebook page, be sure to follow it. They usually post lots of pictures and sale info there. I saw a picture of these boots one day and was sold. Luckily, they were my size!
So far I've worn pretty simple monochromatic outfits with these. I'm sure I'll get daring at some point.
This is probably the closest to cowboy boots I have ever owned.
An odd feature on these is the zipper is on the outside rather than the inside.
Black jeggings I've had forever (which need to be replaced) and black cowl neck tunic (previously worn tucked in here).
Comfy and casual for some errand running....
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Your hair! Those boots! The cool black outfit showcasing them. I love everything about this. It is my very favorite outfit. I have been wanting boots like those but have been looking for a good price. You truly scored!