Monday, February 23, 2015

feathered fingers and other tidbits.....

Soooo, I bought these peacock gloves/mittens last Fall when I was still pregnant. Ahhhh, memories of waddling through Kohl's with Richard in tow. I remember being excited to wear them, but now that we have had steady temps below zero? Not so much. Hence, taking selfies in the car with them. I am not a selfie in the car taking person, but when it is -9 outside I apparently am.
The convertible fingers flap is essential for strapping kids in car seats, checking your phone, and oh yeah, taking selfies. All while in park of course! In my own driveway even. How lame am I? This is what my life has become. I apologize for my dry, non-manicured fingers. I had hoped to paint my nails to coordinate with my hand accessories, but not too matchy though as I would hate to look like I tried too hard. I am lucky if I can take a shower these days! And I sure hope you can appreciate my sarcastic sense of humor. The extreme cold brings it out even more so.
Now that the stores are flooded with Spring merchandise, I don't have a link to share on these but you could probably check your local Kohl's clearance section. They had other cute animals too. I had meant to blog about these sooner than now. I bought two pairs of these since I know these type of knit gloves are not meant to last forever.
My other little funny for today revolves around my newest coffee love, Jackson Coffee Company. They have 3 locations although I have only been to the drive thru one that is right across the street from where I do my big grocery shopping trips. Being so convenient is a blessing and a curse - a blessing because they are so. freaking. good. - a curse because I don't need to drink a glorified milk shake as often as I do. I've never been a straight coffee drinker (who knows if I will be in the future), but the enhancement that the coffee bean does to the cocoa bean? Miraculous! I am a Mocha drinker. And this place has converted me from Starbucks. Well, if I am in Jackson anyway and have the choice between Starbucks (off of exit 138) and Jackson Coffee Company (off of exit 137). Seriously, drive the extra mile - you won't regret it.
Anyway, I am getting way off track here. I was telling a friend who was visiting about Jackson Coffee Company and suggested she stop on the way home if she felt like a coffee. And as I was doing so, Richard shouted out "Mocha, Mocha, Frappe" which is the drink I ALWAYS get when I go there. It's the first time he has ever said it so it was funny to me that he paid attention and confirmation that kids are ALWAYS paying attention even when you least expect it. Hence the need to always be on your best behavior parents! He loves going there because they give out free little cups of animal cookies to kids. Every time we drive by, he says "Let's go to that coffee place". Why yes, I think I shall reward myself for surviving grocery getting with 2 people under the age of 4! And yes, I am weird that I still prefer cold drinks to hot ones when it is -9.

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