Saturday, December 27, 2014

Anthro Artist Love

One of the reasons I love shopping at Anthropologie, is they seek out artists to sell at their stores. Case in point, my post here

I had seen (and admired) Starla Michelle Halfmann's work over the years..... It was exciting to see the products Anthropologie requested her to design. Of course, prints of her paintings (pictured below) was an obvious choice. My link goes to the peacock one, but if you do a search on their site for Starla, they will all come up.
 I can't seem to find the link to these cute dishes online, but here is one for the serveware (platter and pitcher) that is offered.
 Other considerations with her gorgeous designs are: 

I hope I am not missing anything..... I love all of the whimsical creatures, but of course I am most drawn to the peacocks. I was happy to find that you can purchase any of Michelle's prints at Skyline Art Editions. You can select the size you want, and material you want it printed on! I've created just a small collage below of some of the peacock offerings. It is so hard to decide which one I like best..... I am leaning towards the biggest one pictured I think. And, I'll have to decide where to put it. I am thinking our main floor bathroom. I guess I can still think about it since I didn't get my request into Santa on time.

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Ooohhhh! I love her art, too! In fact, my daughter wants to paint a painting of a deer inspired by her. She has all ready started it, but it has a cool splattered background instead of teal and she will add her own touches. I love her peacock works. I like the one you picked and the second middle one that is almost like it. You have to have one in your house! It would be amazing!