Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Third Trimester Review

My first 2 trimesters were full of skirts and dresses. The third trimester was all about jeans (one pair in particular), a tank, and a cardigan. I still managed to wear a few skirts, and my black maxi dress was the most used as seen in 3 of the pics. The biggest challenge during this time was shoes. As swelling continued to go up, my options were more and more limited. I relied most on my Minnetonka Mocs and one pair of boots that fit me. Now that I have experienced this end time in both the Spring and Fall/Winter, I will say that Spring is much easier in the footwear department. You don't have to worry about the addition of socks or keeping your toes covered, so stuffing your feet into something is much easier in the warmer weather.

While I do miss "dressing the bump", I am anxious to start putting together outfits with pieces I haven't been able to wear.

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