Thursday, November 28, 2013

Plaid & Rhinestones

Oh plaid...... I was forced to wear you for 8 years in the form of a Catholic School uniform. Then, there was the "grunge" era in high school while listening to non-stop Pearl Jam. I guess it's been almost 20 years (holy crap) and time for some new plaid flannel. In this decade, I am dressing it up with some flare jeans and rhinestones! I can't take credit for this necklace design though..... I saw it on Pinterest from the lovely Denise who designs for Michael's using Halcraft beads. Out of all the statement necklaces I have, I did not have a white rhinestone one. I knew when the right one came along I would know. I was loving this one from Ily Couture, but whew - what a price tag! Y'all know me, I can find it or make it cheaper. I caught the components on the 50% off sale, so it cost me about $16 to make this necklace. I just love the vintage and floral aspect of it.
Apt 9 Flare Jeans - Kohl's
Brown Belt - Target
Brown Boots - JC Penney
Miss Albright Americana Tote - Anthropologie (see how I altered it here)
Necklace - made by me using components from Michael's

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